Isabel Bermejo, born and raised in Spain, has a special way of telling stories though her powerful stage pressence.

Her voice,- Warm, Intense and Velvet drives you though different scenarios to never come back to the same place. 


Currently living in The Netherlands, Isabel finished her Bachelor (Jazz) and Master's (World Music) in this beutiful country. In the last two years, she has had the opportunity to play with several jazz musicians and especially latin-jazz,- having the opportunity to participate in the Dutch TV show 'Vrije Geluiden', play at the North Sea Jazz Festival, OperaDagen or Rotterdam Film Festival, among others. 


Since 2010 she has been working with different bands of Latin Music, Flamenco, Tango and even Metal Music. As a result she has released two albums (The beginning - Black Desert 2013) (The road is Open - Black Desert - The rock Station 2015) and an EP (Stories - The Impact 2018). 


At the moment she is focused in this last project: Isabel Bermejo and The Impact.- in which she's the main composer and artistic director. Her music mixes Spanish Folk Music with Jazz. Their live performances are intense, expresive and full of fire. 


Next step's the recording of her next album with The Impact which will be released in December 2018.