First EP 'Stories' will be realeased in January 2018!!!


What's 'THE IMPACT'?


The Impact is a fusion project created by singer Isabel Bermejo in April 2016:


Being the lead singer of metal band 'Black Desert' Isabel Bermejo has the most powerful influences in combination with jazz, blending in a very unique and unexpected way. You can find in this project an electrifying mix of blue flamenco, Israel folk music, Jazz and progressive rock. All with a 'Bermejo' touch of mystery. 


The band is composed by young and talented musicians from different countries:

Michalis Michailidis (Greece)

Daniel Vadillo on piano (Mexico)

Javi Herrero on drums (Spain)

Johannes Fend on electric and double bass (Austria)


Together they are able to transport the audience to the most unexpected states of mind where the poetry is mixed with exotic landscapes. 


EP 2018


1. La fuente de mi alma

2. Rav todot

3. La bulería y el gato

4. Tuca



Rav Todot - THE IMPACT at Kumulus West Theater (Maastricht) 

Jeroen Truyen on Drums - Moritz Schippers on Piano - Yannick Heselle on bass - Michalis Michailidis on guitar and effects